Adaptable smart learning environments supported by multimodal learning analytics

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  • Sergio Serrano-Iglesias
  • Spikol, Daniel
  • Miguel L. Bote-Lorenzo
  • Hamza Ouhaichi
  • Eduardo Gómez-Sánchez
  • Bahtijar Vogel

Smart Learning Environments and Learning Analytics hold promise of providing personalized support to learners according to their individual needs and context. This support can be achieved by collecting and analyzing data from the different learning tools and systems that are involved in the learning experience. This paper presents a first exploration of requirements and considerations for the integration of two systems: MBOX, a Multimodal Learning Analytics system for the physical space (human behavior and learning context), and SCARLETT, an SLE for the support during across-spaces learning situations combining different learning systems. This integration will enable the SLE to have access to a new and wide range of information, notably students' behavior and social interactions in the physical learning context (e.g. classroom). The integration of multimodal data with the data coming from the digital learning environments will result in a more holistic system, therefore producing learning analytics that trigger personalized feedback and learning resources. Such integration and support is illustrated with a learning scenario that helps to discuss how these analytics can be derived and used for the intervention by the SLE.

TidsskriftCEUR Workshop Proceedings
Sider (fra-til)24-30
StatusUdgivet - 2021
BegivenhedLA4SLE Workshop: Learning Analytics for Smart Learning Environments, LA4SLE 2021 - Virtual, Online
Varighed: 21 sep. 202121 sep. 2021


KonferenceLA4SLE Workshop: Learning Analytics for Smart Learning Environments, LA4SLE 2021
ByVirtual, Online


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