6. september 2010

Geology and sushi at the DIKU Staff Seminar

This year's annual seminar for the DIKU staff took place on Friday the 3rd of September and started with a lunch in the canteen at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, where three prizes were handed out.

The "Teacher of the year 2010" prize was won by associate professor Jakob Grue Simonsen and the prize for "Employee of the year 2010" went to group secretary Jette Giovanni Møller. PhD student Lauge Emil Sørensen won "DIKU research paper of the year 2010".

Lunch at Farma

Martin Zachariasen presents the prizes
  Jakob Grue Simonsen "Teacher of the year 2010"
Jette Giovanni Møller "Employee of the year 2010"
  Lauge Emil Sørensen "DIKU research paper of the year 2010".
The three happy winners


After lunch associate professor Jon Sporring presented the next activity, which turned out to be quite a challenge. The assignment was called "Computer science unplugged" and involved illustrating your favorite algorithm without a computer. The assignment had to be directed at "gymnasium" students or first year university students, and therefore had to be relatively simple. Seven groups were formed and each group made their own algorithm of choice. Examples were shown on many different subjects:

  • merge sort
  • binary numbers
  • ripple carry adder
  • particle filtering
  • compiler technology
  • Guess who is holding the number 13
  • Simulate (a+b)*c-(d/2) on a 2 core processor.

Maybe some of them can be part of a catalogue for gymnasium students or new university students! The groups presented the results to each other later in the afternoon.


Demonstrating the assignment at Farma 
Showing "computer science unplugged" at South Campus

More computer science unplugged 

A very attentive audience 


After lunch everyone went to the Geological Museum, were a guided tour of the museum was planned. Here they learned about the origin of the Universe and our own evolution, and saw a lot of very old rocks!


A meteor rock at the Geological Museum 
Erik Frøkjær - very interested in the old rocks! 


After this interesting tour, a small walk took everyone to the City Campus, where the algorithm assignments were performed. Afterwards a sushi cook came to give a lesson in the art of sushi cooking. Everyone was equipped with their own sushi-rolling mat and ingredients for sushi, and then the rolling began! It turned out that sushi is certainly not an easy thing to cook, and the results were of varying quality! Luckily the sushi could be washed down by some nice Japanese beer.

Making sushi at South Campus


After cooking a lot of sushi, this very entertaining and educational day ended, and everyone went home with sticky rice fingers and a lot of new experiences.