29. april 2010

The Image Group at DIKU is involved in a new research Centre for Stochastic Geometry and Advanced Bio-imaging - the CSGB

The VILLUM FOUNDATION has donated 25 mio. DKK to a new Centre of Excellence established in collaboration between four research groups from Aarhus University, Aalborg University and the University of Copenhagen with Professor Eva B. Vedel Jensen as director. The Centre will study and analyze biological tissue by means of laser scanning and cryo-electron microscopy which will require the development of new computer-based mathematical and statistical methods of analysis.

The Image Group at Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen (DIKU) plays an important role in the activities of the centre, contributing with an internationally unique combination of mathematical and statistical shape, image modelling and its applications in biomedical image analysis. A key driver is Professor Mads Nielsen, who has considerable experience as an organizer and leader of research

About the centre

Mathematics and statistics play a unique role in bio and life science. The analysis of cell populations at the light microscopy level is now based on a solid mathematical and statistical foundation established during the last 25 years. In contrast the new advanced experiments that give access to the molecular level, including laser scanning and cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM), require the development of new computer-based mathematical and statistical methods of analysis.

The new Centre of Excellence will take up this challenge and develop new methods based on stochastic geometry, a discipline at the borderline between mathematics and statistics that is expected to play a decisive role in the development of future methods of analyzing advanced microscopy data. 

The Centre is expected to contribute to added scientific knowledge in public health-care and the biomedical industry. It will be interdisciplinary including mathematics and bioscience as well as computer science and operate in a combined Danish and international research environment.

More info:

Do you want to know more about DIKU's role and contributions, please contact Mads Nielsen, madsn@diku.dk or +45 35 32 14 50.

Questions about the general scope of activities of the centre should be directed to Eva B. Vedel Jensen, either by mail eva@imf.au.dk or by telephone+45  89 42 35 18. 

The responsible for communication at THE VILLUM FOUNDATION, Frank Ulmer Jørgensen, may also be contacted by mail fuj.fond@velux.com or by telephone +45 29 41 81 35.


Mads Nielsen, University of Copenhagen
Professor Mads Nielsen obtained the doctoral degree in Computer Science in 1995. He has coordinated a large amount of national and international research projects, including the EU FET Open Project Deep Structure and Singularities in Computer Vision and the research consortium Medical Image Analysis under STVF with DTU and 5 companies. He has been vice Head of Department of Innovation at the IT University of Copenhagen and is presently Head of the Image Group at the University of Copenhagen.

Eva B. Vedel Jensen, Aarhus University, is director of the Centre
The director of the Centre is professor Eva B. Vedel Jensen, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Aarhus University. She is educated as cand.scient. in 1976 and obtained in 1987 the dr.scient. degree on the basis of a doctoral thesis on mathematical stereology. She has received several research prices, including The Villum Kann Rasmussen Annual Award for Technical and Scientific Research 2009.

The Villum foundation is a non-profitable organization founded by Villum Kann Rasmussen. The foundation is the main shareholder in VKR Holding - owner of VELUX as well as other companies in the VKR Group, the purpose of which is to bring daylight, fresh air and a better environment into the everyday life of people.