19. juli 2010

Ph.d.-studerende på DIKU Patrick Bahr har modtaget 'Award for best contribution' på RTA 2010

Ph.d.-studerende på DIKU Patrick Bahr har modtaget 'Award for best contribution' på 21. International Conference on Rewriting Theory and Applications (RTA 2010), som en samlet anerkendelse for sine to artikler på konferencen.


Abstract til artiklen "Partial Order Infinitary Term Rewriting and Böhm Trees" :

"We investigate an alternative model of infinitary term rewriting. Instead of a metric, a partial order on terms is employed to formalise (strong) convergence. We compare this partial order convergence of orthogonal term rewriting systems to the usual metric convergence of the corresponding Böhm extensions. The Böhm extension of a term rewriting system contains additional rules to equate so-called root-active terms. The core result we present is that reachability w.r.t. partial order convergence coincides with reachability w.r.t. metric convergence in the Böhm extension. This result is used to show that, unlike in the metric model, orthogonal systems are infinitarily confluent and infinitarily normalising in the partial order model. Moreover, we obtain, as in the metric model, a compression lemma. A corollary of this lemma is that reachability w.r.t. partial order convergence is a conservative extension of reachability w.r.t. metric convergence."

Abstract til artiklen "Abstract Models of Transfinite Reductions":

"We investigate transfinite reductions in abstract reduction systems. To this end, we study two abstract models for transfinite reductions: a metric model generalising the usual metric approach to infinitary term rewriting and a novel partial order model. For both models we distinguish between a weak and a strong variant of convergence as known from infinitary term rewriting. Furthermore, we introduce an axiomatic model of reductions that is general enough to cover all of these models of transfinite reductions as well as the ordinary model of finite reductions. It is shown that, in this unifying axiomatic model, many basic relations between termination and confluence properties known from finite reductions still hold. The introduced models are applied to term rewriting but also to term graph rewriting. We can show that for both term rewriting as well as for term graph rewriting the partial order model forms a conservative extension to the metric model."

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