7. marts 2013

Open House 2013 at HCØ attracted more than 1500 high school students

Open House at SCIENCE

The annual open house event at the HCØ Institute attracted more visitors than ever. Clickers indicated at least 1500 attendants, mostly students from final classes at High School (gymnasium) or HF.

On Wednesday afternoon 27th February, the HCØ Institute was invaded by young people, some accompanied by parents, grandparents or brothers and sisters, interested in the bachelor educations offered by the SCIENCE faculty.

Our students manning the Computer science (datalogi) and Naturvidenskab & it booths unanimously reported of more visitors than last year and a high interest among the visitors for our educations. Also at the talks (2 x 2) there were more visitors than last year.

It's too early to predict the number of applicants for the coming year, but a moderate optimism should be allowed, since the Open House events is considered one of the major recruitment boosters.

40% of the new students indicate that Open House has strengthened their interest or even been descisive for their choice of education.

Highlights from the day: