25. juni 2013

Still vacant seats at the summer school in Digital Services Innovation in Health Care

e-health, digital services

Why not spend a couple of weeks learning how to create new digital services? Still few available seats at the summer course in Digital Services Innovation. Apply now!

This summer school (running weeks 33 through 35) focuses on innovation of digital services in healthcare. E-health portals, telemedicine, and self-monitoring are just a few among many digital services that have fundamentally changed healthcare in the past decade. The aim of this summer school is to give students a theoretical framework and practical skills in developing innovative digital services. You can still apply.

Read the entire course description: https://sis.ku.dk/kurser/viskursus.aspx?knr=150229

See video from the Spring 2013 session: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbElvWu1dlE

The healthcare system is feeling the weight of an ageing population, a continuous growth in chronic conditions and greater time pressure. Digital services innovation is needed in order to solve these numerous and complex challenges. ‘E-health’ portals, telemedicine and self-monitoring are just a few among many digital services that have changed health care in the past decade fundamentally.

Based on these experiences, how can we develop digital services even further? Join this summer school in which lectures, workshops, and prototyping work is mixed. You will work in interdisciplinary groups to design innovative digital services based on cases given by external organisations.

Students Students

Get more information in the course catalogue. For general inquiries, contact Troels Mønsted at monsted@diku.dk / +45 2844 0734.

The summer school takes place in week 33 and 35 / August 12-16 and 26-30 and is organised as 10 full-day seminars that combine lectures and workshops.

The course provides 5 + 2,5 ECTS points.

Application and deadlines

UCPH students can sign up between May 15 and June 1. NB. Prolonged until July 1.

DTU student can apply for participation until june 28 by contacting Claus Lundgaard Cramer-Petersen at clcp@dtu.dk.  (Apply for participation in a ‘specialty course’ / ‘specialkursus’)

CBS students can sign up before June 1, 2013. NB. Prolonged until July 1.(Apply for participation as a credit student – see Application details).

International students: sign up via the Faculty of Science at UCPH. Information and contact details here.