1. februar 2016

Master Students at DIKU: Improve your chances of getting a good job after your study

International Students

The CopCap Greater Copenhagen Career Program starts up in March 2016. Aim: To improve your job prospects in Denmark! Apply now - only limited number of seats!

Copenhagen Capacitys hjemmeside screenshot

Copenhagen Capacity helps building bridges between students and Danish/foreign organisations and works to support foreigners in Denmark getting a job and settle down in Copenhagen. 

In March 2016 they start up a career building course targeted at international master students who want to improve their knowledge of the Danish working market. 

CopCap offers coaching in i.a.:

  • How to create a good CV and how to apply for relevant jobs in Denmark
  • Career coaching in general
  • Matchmaking with business companies in the CopCap network
  • How to do networking in practice, and
  • Course in the mechanisms of the Danish labour market, workplace culture and employee rights.

Apply now - it's free of charge:

CopCap specifically encourages computer science students to apply.