Grid-enabling Non-computer Resources

Midtvejs- PhD-forsvar
Martin Rehr:Grid-enabling Non-computer Resources

The Grid computing vision of pulling computing power out of a plug in the wall, like electricity from the power grid, has been around for 10 years. Yet the currently running Grid infrastructures only provides Supercomputers and Cluster computers as resources, and the task connecting these installations to a Grid infrastructure is quite complex.

In this project we are looking at connection non-computer resources to a Grid infrastructure.
Non-computer resources is defined as TCP/IP capable devices which do not per default has the nature of a general purpose computer. To reach the largest amount of such devices a fat Grid infrastructure with proper scheduling and a minimal client software footprint is needed, for this purpose the Minimum intrusion Grid (MiG) developed at DIKU has been modified to suit our needs.

The research has resulted in two models, firstly "The One-Click Grid Resource Model" which turns every Java capable web-browser into a Java Grid resource, just by entering the appropriate URL into the web-browser. Secondly "The PS3 Grid Resource Model" which turns every sold Playstation 3 into a powerful High Performance Computing Grid device just by booting it with the LIVECD produced doing this research.

Censor Christian S Pedersen, DAIMI
Supervisor Brian Vinter, DIKU, eScience