Inverse Kinematics : A comparative analysis of selected optimization solvers

Specialeforsvar ved Morten Engell-Nørregård


During his graduate studies Morten has specialized him-self deeply in interactive character animation. In particular Morten has undertaken a huge effort to create new methods that allow for fast and interactive manipulation of animated characters without sacrifycing motion constraints.

Morten has contributed to the field of Computer Graphics with new practical methods and in his defense Morten will reveal the secrets behind the scene while showing interactive eye-candy and real examples of usage. Morten will cover aspects of human motion modeling that may at first sight seem trivial but is difficult to make mathematical model of and even harder to solve fast enough to be of use in interactive applications.

Supervisors: Kenny Erleben and Knud Henriksen
Examinator: Niels-Jørgen Christensen, IMM, DTU.