Afskedsforelæsning v/Stig Skelboe – Københavns Universitet

Afskedsforelæsning v/Stig Skelboe

I anledning af, at professor Stig Skelboe pr. 1. april har skiftet tjenestested til Niels Bohr Instiutet, holdes en afskedsforelæsning med efterfølgende reception i DIKUs forhal.


14.15 - 15.00 Forelæsning: Algorithms for Advanced Computer Architectures - an Example from Linear Algebra

15.00 - 15.30 Reception i DIKUs forhal


Multicore processors and more exotic architectures like the Cell processor require special algorithms in order to exploit their performance potential. This lecture presents recent research aimed at solving basic problems in linear algebra, like LU-factorization, efficiently in parallel. The crucial techniques are data allocation where a matrix is structured in small sub-matrices known as tiles, and the parallel scheduling of computational kernels. The performance is demonstrated by simulated execution times.