On the understanding of industrial usability work in IT-systems development – Københavns Universitet

On the understanding of industrial usability work in IT-systems development

PhD forsvar ved Tobias Uldall-Espersen


Despite decades of research on usability work, ensuring usability in industrial IT-systems development does continue to be a challenge. This PhD thesis analyzes the problems and contributes a better understanding of challenges regarding usability work and industrial systems development. Furthermore, the thesis suggests howv these challenges can be addressed in future systems development projects.

The conducted analyses show that research and work related to human-computer interaction traditionally have focused on and have its main strengths in the design and construction process in systems development. Less focus has been directed to, for one thing, the compatibility of usability work in relation to other views on the systems development process the usability work forms part of. For another thing, how the obtained results support the organization that are bringing the system into use. The consequence of this is analyzed in the thesis, and it is discussed how usability work can be conducted so that it becomes more compatible with industrial systems development.

Assessment committee:

Professor Ebba Thora Hvannberg (University of Iceland)
Professor Gilbert Cockton (University of Sunderland, UK)
Associate professor Jon Sporring (DIKU, Copenhagen University)

Supervisor: Associate professor Erik Frøkjær (DIKU, Copenhagen University)

If you want a copy of the thesis as a pdf-file, please contact marianne@diku.dk