Communicating Sequential Processes on the Cell Broadband Engine – Københavns Universitet

Communicating Sequential Processes on the Cell Broadband Engine

Specialeforsvar v/Mads Alhof Kristiansen


The design of the Cell Broadband Engine (CBE) is significantly different from other common mass-produced processors. It has a total of 9 cores, two different types of on-chip processors and parallelism is introduced on almost all levels. Utilization of the processor demands a great deal of knowledge about parallel programming and the hard challenges of concurrency. Furthermore, the design of the processor places the responsibility on the programmer to use low level operations in order to handle memory in parallel with program execution.

In this thesis, the center of attention is to enable the CBE-programmer to focus much more on the program logic rather than on low-level concurrency problems. To achieve this, a CBE programming library based on Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP) is designed and implemented. The library enables the programmer to keep focus on the program logic, by creating networks of communicating processes that utilize the cores of the Cell Broadband Engine.

Eksaminator: Brian Vinter, DIKU
Censor: Josva Kleist, AAU