Distributed Fluid Simulation on Multiple GPUs – Københavns Universitet

Distributed Fluid Simulation on Multiple GPUs

Master Thesis Defense by Kevin Hejn and Jens Peter Rosenkvist


In our master thesis we present a fluid solver, where the simulation is distributed across several Graphics Processing Units. This allows us to simulate much larger scenarios than what is possible on a single unit within a reasonable amount of time. This makes it possible to simulate smoke from fires in large buildings. Hereby potential dangers can be found, thus helping to ensure safety requirements are met.

We have analyzed different strategies for distributing the simulation and implemented a spatial distributed solution based on an existing fluid solver. Our studies show that the main advantage of using multiple Graphics Processing Units is access to larger amount of memory. Since the memory is the limiting factor of the simulation size, the distributed solution allows more precise simulations, thus yielding more detailed results.

Censor: Niels Jørgen Christensen
Supervisor: Kenny Erleben