Vertex-Based Simulation of Two-Dimensional Dry Foam – Københavns Universitet

Vertex-Based Simulation of Two-Dimensional Dry Foam

Master Thesis Defense by Micky Kelager



Foam is the natural phenomenon of bubbles thatarise due to nucleation of gas in liquids. The current state of art in Computer Graphics rarely includes foam effects on large scales. This thesis introduces a vertex-based quasistatic equilibrium model from the field of Computational Physics as a new paradigm for foam effects. Dynamic processes like gas diffusion and shear deformation are added prior equilibration. Animation-wise the numerical

model is well behaved and stable and can converge even if the foam is locally ill-defined. A novel contribution is the Ghost-Bubble method that allows foam simulations with free dynamic boundary conditions.

Censor: Niels Jørgen Christensen
Supervisor: Kenny Erleben