DIKU Techtalk - the future of Java

by Thorbiörn Fritzon, Sun Microsystems


Where wil Java be in ten years? Will it survive or will it be replaced by .NET or Ruby on Rails and similar super-productive frameworks? Will Java be the next Cobol, an embaressing legacy languages with huge maintenance costs and no future? Will all money and time we've
invested in learning Java only go to waste?

This talk outlines Sun's bet on the future of Java and what we as Java Community can do to adapt to the future.

Java SE 6 introduces Java Scripting Framework (JSR-223), Java Compiler API (JSR-199) and some other goodness. This session takes a look at the news of Java Core Libraries by examining how different languages can co-exist on the Java SE VM. We will be looking at the dynamic languages such as Ruby, Python, JavaScript and friends and what's coming in this regard in Java SE 7.


Thorbiörn Fritzon started programming Java back in 1995 and hasn't stopped yet. Since 1999 he's a Java Architect at Sun Microsystems in Sweden and spokesperson in Java and software development issues. Thorbiörn writes books and is a frequent speaker at conferences and
other events. His hobby is programming languages of which he has a huge collection.