Venture Cup 09 – Københavns Universitet

Venture Cup 09

Workshop: The art of presenting your ideas

What should you write or say in order to convince anyone to back you or your project up? What are the most important points to get across if you talk to investors, funding organizations, potential customers and partners, etc.?

Join this workshop and gain practical skills that will help you sell any idea and get better at selling yourself! During the workshop, you will have the chance to make a presentation for your idea, deliver it to the crowd and get personalized feedback.

If you plan to participate in the Venture Cup Idea Competition, attending this workshop is essential, as you will get all the details and hints to increase your chances of winning.

Zenia Francker from Venture Cup, will be facilitating this practical training workshop.

Time: 10 November, 15.30-18.30 including food and drinks!

NB Adressen er Universitetsparken 1 og ikke som angivet på hjemmesiden 13.
NB The address is Universitetsparken 1 and not,as stated on the hompage,13.