Type Analysis for JavaScript Web Applications

COPLAS talk by Anders Møller, Aarhus University


JavaScript is the main scripting language for Web browsers, and it is essential to modern Web applications. Programmers now use it for writing complex applications, but there is still little tool support available during development. This talk presents a research project that aims to develop a static program analysis infrastructure that can infer detailed and sound type-related information for JavaScript programs. The analysis being developed is designed to support the full language as defined in the ECMAScript standard. The analysis results
can be used to detect common programming errors - or rather, prove their absence, and for producing type information for program comprehension.


Anders Moeller is associate professor at Aarhus University. His recent work includes language design and program analysis techniques related to WWW, such as static validation of dynamically generated HTML, analysis of string operations in Java, transformation of XML data, and analyses for JavaScript.

Scientific host: Fritz Heinglein 

Administrative host:Jette Møller. 

All are welcome.