Ph.D. mini-course: Kleene Algebra and Kleene Algebra with Tests

With Professor Dexter Kozen, Cornell University

We are pleased to make this announcement and call for participation in a graduate mini-course on Kleene Algebra and Kleene Algebra with Tests (KAT) by its founder Professor Dexter Kozen, Cornell University, who will be visiting DIKU for a couple of weeks this summer.

Kleene Algebra is, roughly speaking, the algebra of structures that behave like regular languages; that is, regular expressions are interpreted over other structures than just sets of strings, such as over binary relations. KAT is an extension of Kleene Algebra that retains many of the attractive theoretical properties, but extends the applicability of Kleene Algebra to program verification, program analysis and proof-carrying code.

Sponsors: Ph.D. School, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen and Foundations of Innovative Research-based Software Technology Research School (