Quasi-static Simulation of Foam in the Vertex Model

Master thesis defence by Bue Krogh Vedel-Larsen


In the field of computational physics, foams have proved to be a challenging phenomenon to simulate. The fragile nature of foam combined with heterogeneous materials interacting in an inherently unstable and continuously evolving mass requires highly specialized numerical methods.

This thesis presents the Vertex Model, a quasi-static soap-film model of two-dimensional dry foam that focuses on capturing the physical behavior of foams with low liquid content. A detailed examination of the Vertex Model is made and statistics, gathered from a CUDA implementation of the model, are presented and compared to experimental data to demonstrate the validity of the model. The thesis contributes a novel approach to the computational mesh in the form of the dual of the foam, as well as two hard constraints on the quasi-static relaxation process.

It is further discussed how the Vertex Model can be parallelized and how modern GPUs can be used to render foams in a fast and flexible manner.


Professor Per Christian Hansen, Section for Scientific Computing, DTU Informatics, Technical University of Denmark


Associate Professor Kenny Erleben, Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen