A Tool-Based Methodology to Prototype Assisted-Living Applications

Talk by Charles Consel, INRIA / University of Bordeaux 


Because caregivers support people with disabilities in their daily life, they are most qualified to devise practical approaches to address these disabilities. Although, these approaches would greatly benefit from a host of technologies, this is often disregarded because of the level of expertise and development efforts involved.

This talk presents a step towards bridging the gap between technologies and caregivers. We describe a stepwise methodology that is directed by the goals expressed by a caregiver to address the disabilities of a person. This methodology is supported by a visual tool, called Pantagruel, dedicated to describing scenarios and turning them into a running pervasive computing application. We have developed a compiler for Pantagruel that targets a pervasive computing platform. Importantly, this platform includes a simulator that enables early testing of Pantagruel applications.

We applied our methodology to real-life scenarios for assisted living of intellectually impaired persons. We showed that our methodology is well-suited to analyze and model these real-life scenarios.


Kasper Hornbæk