Why functional programming matters now more than ever

Tiltrædelsesforelæsning ved professor Fritz Henglein

Fritz Henglein blev 2010 udnævnt til professor i programmeringssprog og -systemer. Dette markeres med en tiltrædelsesforelæsning den 24. februar 2011.


15.00  -  16.00

 Why functional programming matters now more than ever 
 Forelæsning ved Fritz Henglein

16.15  -  17.30  Reception




Functional programming (FP) consists of expressing *what* is to be computed at a high-level, instead of coding detailed step-by-step instructions of *how* that is done. I will explain the benefits of FP and why it is a particularly good match for emerging high-performance parallel computer architectures and hosting domain-specific languages.

I'll sneak some of my recent work on declarative domain-specific languages and frameworks for algorithmically scalable programming into this. In particular, I will (try to) convince you that one *can* sort and partition generically in linear time, that efficient language-integrated (nonselective) querying without clever programming tricks such as indexes is possible, and that  you can make Perl-style regular expression more general *and* substantially more efficient.

Time permitting, I'll illustrate -- and speculate on -- how declarative domain-specific languages can be applied in enterprise resource planning, health care systems and financial applications.


Fritz Henglein is Professor in Programming Languages and Systems at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen (DIKU).

His research interests are in fundamental aspects of programming languages, algorithmic functional programming and domain-specific languages, with applications in enterprise systems (3gERP.org), health care process modeling (trustcare.eu) and financial applications (HIPERFIT.dk).