Tidlig diagnose af Alzheimers/early diagnosis of Alzheimers

Computer Science researchers have recently developed reliable methods for early diagnosis of a number of illnesses, Alzheimers being one of the most recent and most promising. The method comprises advanced image analysis and pattern recognition of MRI scans of brain tissue.

At this DIKU Talk, professor Mads Nielsen will introduce the audience to his recent results with respect to diagnosis of Alzheimers.


It has until recently proved difficult to obtain a reliable diagnosis of Alzheimers at an early stage, where the disease was not so advanced that the patient's life quality had already been reduced.

In 2011 the international recommendations for diagnosis of Alzheimers were amended so as not only to include neuro-psychological tests, but also to apply biomarkers in brain scans as indicators of the disease.

In the talk, Mads Nielsen will present the various methods for quantifying brain shrinkage and the texture of e.g. hippocampus as well as their application for diagnosis and prediction of Alzheimers.

Practical issues

A glass of wine and a light snack will be served.

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