Dobbelt professortiltrædelsesforelæsning med Stephen Alstrup og Ingemar Cox

Den 1. januar 2013 blev Stephen Alstrup, lektor og viceinstitutleder for Innovation og Erhvervssamarbejde på DIKU, udnævnt til professor i datalogi.

Den 1. juli 2013 blev professor Ingemar Cox, University College London,
kaldet til professor ved KU, med arbejdssted på KUA tilknyttet DIKUs Human Centered Computing-gruppe.

Dette markeres med en dobbelt professortiltrædelsesforelæsning:

Mandag den 18. november kl. 16.00 - 17.30
- med efterfølgende reception

Sted: DIKU, Søndre Campus, KUA, Njalsgade 128,
Auditorium 22.0.11.


Kl. 16.00 Lecture by Stephen Alstrup

From research to startup - and back again

I will invite the audience on a journey along my track record, departing from DIKU as  MSc and later a PhD, proceeding as one of the pioneers starting up the IT University, making a 9 years’ detour into the private sector – as co-founder and CEO of the CS startup company Octoshape streaming live TV/Video on the internet to millions of users worldwide and jumping back to DIKU's academic world in 2012 as Vice Head of Department for Innovation and Business Collaboration.
In particular, I will focus on my passion for trees and algorithms, and innovation!

16.40  kort pause

Kl. 16.50 Lecture by Ingemar Cox

Open access to ‘big data’ for health research and the public good

The power of ‘big data’ is only beginning to emerge but recent research suggests it could revolutionalise the mapping of disease pandemics, identify previously unknown side-effects of drugs and track global health patterns in some of the poorest countries in the world. Yet the vast resource of web-information is currently held by only a handful of companies and typically destroyed within 18 months. Here we put forward the case that the power of big data will only be fully realised when this information is made openly available for research.

Kl. 17.30 Reception in the cantine at KUA.

Alle er velkomne!