Computer Science in Bioinformatics BINF-DIKU Seminar – Københavns Universitet

Computer Science in Bioinformatics BINF-DIKU Seminar


The purpose of this seminar is to bring together researchers from the Bioinformatics Centre and Computer Science Department of University of Copenhagen to discuss current research topics and to identify possibilities for collaboration. The seminar is open both to the faculty and to the students interested in finding interesting (interdisciplinary) projects and master thesis topics. Organizers: Wouter Boomsma (BINF) and Pawel Winter (DIKU).


  • 13.00: Anders Krogh (BINF) Opening Remarks
  • 13.10: Martin Zachariasen (DIKU) Opening Remarks
  • 13.20: Thomas Hamelryck (BINF) Protein Structure Prediction Meets Machine Learning
  • 13.40: Christian Igel (DIKU) Machine Learning at DIKU: Applications in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  • 14.00: Break
  • 14.10: Albin Sandelin (BINF) Data Mining in Genomics
  • 14.30: Ingemar Johansson Cox (DIKU) Identification of Precursor Behaviors to Medical Conditions Through the Analysis of Internet Search Engine Queries
  • 14.50: Break 15.00: Anders Albrechtsen (BINF) Identifying Regions of Identity by Descent Between Genomes
  • 15.20: Fritz Henglein (DIKU) Data-Parallel Programming and Sequence-Processing Research in HIPERFIT and KMC
  • 15.40: Discussion, drinks, snacks


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