HACS---A Formalism for Compiler Development – Københavns Universitet

HACS---A Formalism for Compiler Development

COPLAS/HIPERFIT Talk by Kristoffer Rose, 27th May at 12:15 to 13:00, UP5 APL meeting room


  • I give an overview of the Higher-order Abstract Contraction Systems HACS notation for compiler development, with a summary of the foundation (based on higher order rewriting) and examples of common compiler patterns; if there is interest I can also
  • I discuss how the Compiler Construction graduate class at NYU has been based on the tool.

All are welcome. Attendance is free. No registration required.

Please note: Universitetsparken *5* (HCØ Building, northern most wing). Ring the buzzer or call me at 30589576 at the entrance to DIKU's section on the ground floor.