What does the EU Lawmaker know about Security and Trust on the Internet? A Look at Current and Future Internet laws in Europe

Foredrag i Datalogisk Selskab, 18. september kl 16:30, ved Associate professor Andrej Savin, Department of Law, Copenhagen Business School.

Whereas trust and security have specific meanings in the IT industry, the lawmakers usually have a very vague and politically-biased understanding of both. This, together with the technical gap between them and the IT world, often leads to confused and unsatisfactory solutions. The European lawmaker is struggling to strike the right balance between achieving consumer/citizen protection on one hand and promoting business- friendly and innovation-inducing solutions on the other.

This talk tries to demonstrate

  1. The extent to which trust and security on the Internet feature on the EU digital Single market policy agenda.
  2. To show whether the lawmaking process in the EU is capable of efficiently handling trust and security.
  3. To demonstrate how privacy, electronic commerce and copyright laws handle the issues.

About Andrej Savin

Andrej Savin is an associate professor at Copenhagen Business School. His main research interests lie in Information Technology Law, and in particular Internet Governance in the US and in Europe. The most recent research has been on EU regulation of the Internet and included an EU-funded FP7 project on privacy on user-generated networks.