Thesis defense by Robin Kaarsgaard Jensen – Københavns Universitet

Thesis defense by Robin Kaarsgaard Jensen

Specialeforsvar af Robin Kaarsgaard Jensen

Titel: "The Logic of Reversible Structures - Proof calculi, semantics, and applications"


Reversible circuit logic deals with the development of logic circuits that are deterministic in both the forward and backward directions, and has applications in both energy efficient computing and quantum computing. Based on the control-interpretation of Toffoli’s gate set for reversible circuit logic, a propositional logic for reasoning about the structure and semantics of reversible logic circuits is presented. An analogous order-theoretic structure is then developed on the semantic side, and is extended via the language of category theory to form a sound and complete model of the propositional logic. It is shown that this model contains all equivalences of reversible logic circuits, and a few applications related to the rewriting of reversible circuits are considered.

  • Tid: Torsdag d. 25 september, kl. 13:00
  • Sted: APLs mødelokale (NAT-DIKU-HCO-01-0-029)
  • Vejledere: Holger Bock Axelsen, Robert Glück
  • Censor: Rasmus Møgelberg, ITU