Mobile Robot API for Janus – Københavns Universitet

Mobile Robot API for Janus

Master thesis defence by Martin Nyborg Thomsen


This thesis proposes a mobile robot API model for use with creating robot controllers in Janus, a reversible programming language.

To get a better understanding of what exactly a reversible mobile robot is and what its controller might look like, simulations of various Braitenberg vehicles and robots simulated by Turing machines are explored with focus on their path reversibility. The exploration of the various robot simulations lead to the design of a discrete mobile robot model where the details of how the robot moves and senses its environment are abstracted away.

The API model for controlling the discrete mobile robot in Janus is designed and then implemented in Jana, a Janus interpreter written in Haskell. The capabilities of robot controllers written using the API is then explored, with the main example being the design of maze solving robot controllers, which includes a maze solving robot controller whose reverse behaviour is not one-to-one with its forward behaviour.

Advisors: Holger Bock Axelsen (internal evaluator), Ulrik Pagh Schultz (SDU)

External evaluator: Mads Rosendahl (RUC)