Master thesis defence by Povilas Juzeliunas and Eduard Alexandru Preda – Københavns Universitet

Master thesis defence by Povilas Juzeliunas and Eduard Alexandru Preda

A Software Platform for Development of Secure and Privacy-protected M-health Applications

By: Povilas Juzeliunas and Eduard Alexandru Preda

External Examiner: Maksim Sorokin, CodeUnited

Supervisors: Konstantinos Manikas/Klaus Marius Hansen, DIKU


In this thesis we analyze the e-health domain and innovation barriers originating from comprehensive regulations within the European Union. By obtaining insights from interviews, we have shown that new businesses tend to avoid entering the European E-health market due to imposed risk of developing products or services which are not compliant with the given regulations.

To address the problem, we have developed an architectural prototype of a software platform for healthcare data storage. The architecture’s quality attributes ensure legal compliance. The software platform is exposed as a set of web services, which are designed for software development in the m-health domain. To prove the platform’s validity, two mobile applications for remote blood sugar level monitoring (of diabetes patients) were implemented. Both apps use the platform as their backend.

Commercialization aspects of this platform are investigated using business modeling technique proposed by Osterwalder and Pigneur. It is shown how the platform’s value propositions can be delivered to small and medium-sized enterprises as a set of distinct services.

The defences will be in English.