CANCELLED! Tech talent night - Crowdsourced Web Security – Københavns Universitet

CANCELLED! Tech talent night - Crowdsourced Web Security






In Collaboration with DIKU, IT Minds has organized this Springs second Tech Talent Night at Datalogisk Institut, Lille UP1, the 30th of April at 16.30-18.15. The theme will be Crowdsourced Web Security.


16.30: Welcome

16.40: Tech Talk by Christian Hansen, CrowdCurity

17.10: Break

17.20: Continued Tech Talk by Christian

17:50: Q&A

18.15: Thank you for today

"How should you protect a bitcoin exchange or the national citizen IT providers from an army of underworld hackers? CrowdCurity is disrupting and de-centralizing web security by crowdsourcing whitehat hackers from around the world. Whitehat hackers are rewarded on CrowdCurity by finding and reporting vulnerabilities before blackhat hackers exploit them. We're bitcoin-first, but you can get your rewards in good old Paypal too. Topics include: Our background, our security testers, example exploits, crowdsourcing and incentives, bitcoin."

- Christian Hansen, CrowdCurity

Participation is FREE, so stop by for an interesting talk and great possibilities for networking.

Go to the event “Tech Talent Night, Crowdsourced Web Security” on Facebook to find the sign-up link!