Book Launch Party: Numerical Methods for Linear Complementarity Problems in Physics-Based Animation

Sarah Niebe and Kenny Erleben will present their new textbook "Numerical Methods for Linear Complementarity Problems in Physics-Based Animation". There will be a scientific talk presenting the topic of the book followed by a reception.


Linear complementarity problems (LCPs) have for many years been used in physics-based animation to model contact forces between rigid bodies in contact. More recently, LCPs have found their way in to the realm of fluid dynamics. Here, LCPs are used to model boundary conditions with fluid-wall contacts. LCPs have also started to appear in deformable models and granular simulations. There is an increasing need for numerical methods to solve the resulting LCPs with all these new applications. This book provides a numerical foundation for such methods, especially suited for use in computer graphics.

Sarah Niebe
Research Interests:
Numerical methods, optimization, physical simulation, contact force problems, contact point generation.
Kenny Erleben
Primary fields of research
Creating mathematical models of nonlinear non smooth physical phenomena and discover efficient methods that can compute solutions at interactive rates.

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Hope to see you there.