Copenhagen as a Nordic Fintech Hub

During spring 2015 a group of organizations including Finansforbundet, Danish Bankers Association, City of Copenhagen, DJØF, Nets, Saxo Bank, BEC, Tryg and CFIR decided to initiate a study analyzing the fintech ecosystem in Denmark and Copenhagen.

In 2009 private partners and The Capital Region of Denmark foresaw the potential of the fintech development and established the finance IT cluster Copenhagen Fintech Innovation and Research (CFIR). Now the nine partners want to push the development and support the ambition of a viable and dynamic ecosystem for fintech in Copenhagen – including the realization of new jobs. Thus, the analysis will map the Danish fintech environment, benchmark Copenhagen to other cities and make an overview of initiatives that should be taken in order to develop and strengthen fintech in Copenhagen.

On December 9th 2015 partners behind the project wishes to gather the entire Danish fintech environment and to invite Nordic and international experts and collaborators to a conference dedicated to fintech. Ambitions and visions for the future of fintech in Denmark will be shared and international fintech players will give their says on the disruptive development in financial services. Furthermore findings and results from the report will be presented.

More than 250 people are invited to participate in workshops in connection the fintech analysis. The nine partners have put great emphasis on involving the central fintech players in order to create ownership for the specific recommendations. That has a great part of easing out the implementations of the presented suggestions. The analysis and recommendations to strengthen the fintech environment in Copenhagen is announced in connection with the conference on the 9th of December. We hope you will be a part of discussing the next step.​



​Registration and Coffee


​Welcome by Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen


​"The fintech vision for Copenhagen" Presentation by Mayor of Employment and Integration Anna Mee Allerslev City of Copenhagen


​"Are banks ready for Exponential growth?"


​"Findings from the analysis" Presentation by Oxford Research and Venture Scout


​"A VC's perspective on fintech" Matteo Rizzi, General partner at SBT Venture Capital



​"A startups perspective on fintech" - Presentation by Brian Larsen, CEO at Bancore


​"A corporates perspective on fintech" Presentation by Jane Kaasgaard, Programdirektør, Digitalisering at Tryg


​"A researchers perspective on fintech" Presentation by Fritz Henglein, Professor at University of Copenhagen


​Panel Discussion: "Startup, corporate and researcher talking collaboration" 
  • Fritz Henglein, Professor at University of Copenhagen
  • Matteo Rizzi, General Partner at SBT Venture Capital​
  • Brian Larsen, CEO at Bancore A/S



​"Regulation and frameworkconditions for fintech in UK"


​Panel debate with politicians: "Creating a competitive Danish fintech industry"

  • Mette Reissmann, Member of the Danish Parliament,
    The Social Democratic Party
​"Wrap up and whats next" Kent Petersen, Chariman of Finansforbundet

​15.00-16.00 ​Cold drinks and networking

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