QDev Seminar: Krysta Svore

Quantum Architectures and Computation Group (QuArC)
Microsoft Research

LIQUi|>: A Software Architecture for Quantum Computing

Languages, compilers, and computer-aided design tools will be essential for scalable quantum computing, which promises an exponential leap in our ability to execute complex tasks. LIQUi|> contains an embedded, domain-specific language designed for programming quantum algorithms. It is also fully modular and independent of a specific quantum architecture. LIQUi|> allows the extraction of a circuit data structure that can be used for optimization, rendering, or translation. The circuit can also be exported to external hardware and software environments. Two different simulation environments are available to the user which allow a trade-off between number of qubits and class of operations. LIQUi|> can be executed in a wide range of run-times from the desktop to the cloud. In this session, I will describe the significant components of the design architecture and show how to express any given quantum algorithm. LIQUi|> enables easy programming, compilation, and simulation of quantum algorithms and circuits.