Digital Health Innovation - A Masterclass for Industry Managers

Understand the changing landscape of digital healthcare, find new business opportunities and learn tools for more valuable and robust innovations.

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Kategori: Statistik, Markedsføring

New digital products and solutions are at the center of an emerging transformation of healthcare. Companies entering and competing in this environment need to understand this changing landscape. 

Changes redefine the opportunities and the context for innovations and the way innovations must be developed to become competitive. With help from university and industry experts participants learn and practice crucial tools to make their innovations more competitive. 

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"With the amount of data being available for integration I consider the healthcare area a driver for innovation. I hope that the healthcare industry will catch up on the possibilities that these technological breakthroughs offer by providing solutions, inventions, devices, processes etc. for the sake of better treatments and health." 
Søren Brunak, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research