FemTech.dk at Copenhagen Maker 2017

All DIKU students: Become a part of this year’s Copenhagen Maker. Take part in developing an installation as well as organising and executing the event by the DIKU based research project FemTech.dk. 

On 9 September 1947, computer scientist Grace Murray Hopper recorded the first computer bug in her log book, as she worked on the Harvard Mark II. During Copenhagen Maker 2017, DIKU will celebrate the 70th anniversary of this “first actual case of bug being found” through a fun, inclusive, and educational installation. 

Old tech

FemTech.dk will participate in Copenhagen Maker with a hands-on activity that celebrates the anniversary of the first identification of a bug found in a computer. The installation will include a representation of an old electromechanical computer, with physical origami bugs, which can be removed using a mobile game. This installation will be co-created by people participating in Copenhagen Maker, who will be invited to create origami bugs and enhance these with actuators, controlled by a microcontroller.

We want to include DIKU students (both Bachelor and Master) in taking active part in developing the installation as well as organising and executing the event. If you are a DIKU student interested in knowing more about Makerspace activities and want to participate in this unique opportunity for extra curriculum activities, please sent us an email before Wednesday, 16th of August 2017. Participation to this activity is voluntary and you will get free entrance to the Copenhagen Maker. No prior experience is necessary, as long as you have time and you can commit to make this an excellent event.

Tech installation

About Copenhagen Maker

Copenhagen Maker is the largest maker faire in Copenhagen. This year, Coenhagen Maker will be held on 8-10 September 2017 in Carlsberg Byen. It's organised in the context of the Techfestival, where more than 15000 people are invited to explore and discuss the impact of technology in our lives. FemTech.dk participation is grounded on the stance that the future of technology development entails creating opportunities to bring different experiences, skills, and perspectives together. 

About FemTech.dk

FemTech.dk is a research project based within the Human-Centred Computing (HCC) section at DIKU. As part of the project, we organise activities to engage people with diverse backgrounds into digital technology development. We believe that initiatives such as workshops and events are able to create opportunities for counterbalancing predominant trends in technology development, and thus contribute to inclusion in the long term.

Contact us at pernille.bjorn@di.ku.dk.

How to participate

If you want to join us, we are looking for students who are able to participate on the below dates:

When What Where
Tuesday 22 August
09.00 - ?
Help set up the prototype of the installation HCC Section (Southern Campus)
Wednesday 23 August
11.00 – 14.00
Help run the pilot of the installation HCC Section (Southern Campus)
Monday 4 September
09.00 - ?
Help set up the installation Carlsberg Byen
Thursday 7 September
14.00 - ?
Final preparation before Copenhagen Maker Carlsberg Byen
Friday 8 September
09.00 – 15.00
Help execute the installation at Copenhagen Maker (elementary school event on Creating Maker Mindsets, +300 students) Carlsberg Byen
Saturday 9 September
09.00 – 17.00
Help execute the installation at Copenhagen Maker Carlsberg Byen
Sunday 10 September
09.00 – 19.00
Help execute the installation at Copenhagen Maker and pack-up the installation Carlsberg Byen