DIKU Bits: Computability: why you can always compute the same things as an alien invader (maybe just a bit more slowly)

Speaker: Jakob Grue, professor in the HCC Section

The set of problems you can, or cannot, solve using a computer, has the following property: it is essentially the same regardless of the type of computer. While this is already surprising given the hype about modern exotic types of computing (e.g., biological computers, or quantum computers), it is even more surprising that an alien invader using a computer that we have not even conceived of *cannot* solve more problems than we can -- however, some types of computers may solve some problems (much!) more efficiently. Come to the lecture to strengthen your resolve in humanity's hopes against their would-be alien oppressors! Marvel at the fact that we have known all this for 80 years, before the first computers were built! Learn about the nefarious schemes that may still give the aliens a chance against us!

The talk will be conducted in English

New lecture series at DIKU

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