Møde i DIKU Business Club - om Blockchain – Københavns Universitet

Møde i DIKU Business Club - om Blockchain

Dette årets første møde i DIKU Business Club er et åbent møde, hvor eksisterende og potentielle nye medlemmer inviteres til at deltage. Der deltager desuden studerende fra datalogi og beslægtede uddannelser.

Blockchain: What, how, what for, and is it legal?

Vi vil forsøge at komme hele vejen rundt om emnet Blockchain. Vi afvikler  arrangementet på engelsk.


Vi har lukket for tilmeldingen - skriv til Inge Hviid Jensen på ihjensen@di.ku.dk, hvis du vil forhøre dig om en restplads!


16.00-16.10 Welcome by Head of Dept. Mads Nielsen, DIKU
16.10-16.20 Blockchain - brief intro by professor Fritz Henglein, DIKU Business Club
16.20-18.15 Talks by confirmed speakers

Blockchain and the Emergence of the Trust-free Economy
by Prof. Dr. Roman Beck, IT University of Copenhagen


What is accepted as payment has changed over time, and so have the ways in which payments are made. Bitcoin, a cryptographic, blockchain-based computer protocol, represents for some just another currency to release and receive payments. For others to speculate or to diversify into an alternative asset class. The Bitcoin protocol illustrates the first prototype of a cryptographic economic system, which is organized both autonomously and distributive, without any point of central control or single point of failure. The protocol pilots the merger of cryptography and economics, where organizational operations adhere to the intractable institutions set by the protocol. More precisely, it showcased the worldwide first economic system on autopilot, which might not only change the “Nature of the Firm”, but also the nature of economic value creation and development itself, on the foundation of a more and more information systems based economy.

In this presentation, I will discuss current and future blockchain-based research trying to answer the question if we witness the emergence of a global trust-free economic village?


My research focuses primarily on the role of IT and the changing nature of work on individual and organizational level. More specifically, I am interested in value creation in service sourcing, service management, and service design with a special focus on social media analytics, cryptographic economic systems, and virtualization.

Theoretically, I am interested in institutional logics, organizational mindfulness, and organizational awareness, applying multi-method approaches, including qualitative and quantitative research methods as well as design science. I have an economics background with 15 years of experience in MIS research in e-finance and service science.

More info: https://dk.linkedin.com/in/roman-beck-61238588/en

In Search for the Sweet Spots of Blockchain
by Michel Avital, Copenhagen Business School


Blockchain is often hyped as a silver bullet technology. It's time to ask less what specific problems blockchain can solve, and more what can be the potential added value of blockchain from business and organizational perspectives. How can blockchain reframe our business models and work processes? Can blockchain change the fundamentals of doing business or is it merely much ado about nothing?


Michel Avital is Microsoft Chair and Professor of IT Management in Copenhagen Business School and also a Visiting Professor in the applied research institute Viktoria ICT, Gothenburg, Sweden. He has published four books and over 100 articles on topics such as sharing economy, big data, open data, open design, generative design, creativity, innovation, green IT and sustainable value. He is an editorial board member of seven leading IS journals and has served in various organizing capacities in major international conferences on organization studies and management information systems.

More info: https://www.cbs.dk/en/staff/mavitm

Intro to legal challenges of Blockchain
by Martin Haller von Grønbæk, Partner at Bird & Bird Copenhagen Office


Over the last 20 years I have co-founded several startups such as Araneum, one of the first Danish web-companies, with Alexander Aghassipour, co-founder of Zendesk, and with other prominent Danish IT-entrepreneurs such as Thomas Madsen-Mygdal and Nikolaj Nyholm. I serve on a number of boards of eCommerce and IT or web companies where my primary contributions comes from my unique combination of business, technology and legal insight and experience.

Today, I spend a considerable portion of my time and energy on advising on legal and commercial issues related to open licensing within open source, creative commons (open content), open data, open APIs and so one.

More info at: https://dk.linkedin.com/in/vonhaller - @vonhaller


Blockchain technology deconstructed (distributed systems aspects)
by Fritz Henglein, DIKU


Fritz Henglein is professor of programming languages and systems at DIKU, the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH), previously of Technische Universität München, Rutgers University, IBM Research, New York University, Utrecht University, Hafnium ApS (co-founder) and IT University of Copenhagen. He has held guest professorships at the University of New South Wales, Cornell University and Kellogg College, Oxford.

He presently directs the UCPH-based Strategic Research Center on Functional High-performance Computing for finance (HIPERFIT) and chairs the steering committee of the Danish Innovation Network on Finance IT (CFIR).

His research interests are in semantic, logical and algorithmic aspects of programming languages, specifically type inference, type-based program analysis, algorithmic functional programming and domain-specific languages, and the application of programming language technology in high-performance stream processing (www.diku.dk/kmc), data-parallel programming (hiperfit.dk), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and e-health.

More info: https://diku.dk/Ansatte/?pure=da/persons/14770

Blockchain at SKAT – Challenges and Solutions
by Mikkel Christiansen, Special Consultant, SKAT


I’m used to work within a SCRUM environment focusing on interactive and agile software development I have been working with interactive medias, technical design, innovation and audio production throughout the last 15 years.

Specialties: Technical Project management, implementation strategies, entrepreneurship, innovation, technical design and audio design. Skilled user in note based systems and overall advanced technical setups with focus on performance and user experiences. Experienced in project management, entrepreneurship, It consulting and rich media productions.

More info: https://dk.linkedin.com/in/mikkelchr

Blockchain– hope or hype? by Lars Stage Thomsen, Chief Consultant, Concept Development and Digital Hub at Danske Bank


Danske Bank’s retrospective on blockchain in 2016 and wishes for 2017


Lars Stage Thomsen is a business development and strategy consultant in Danske Banks business, corporate and institutional divisions. Among other things, Lars is responsible for Danske Banks activities within distributed ledger technology and blockchain. From previous roles in the Danish finance sector and the Danish Central Bank, he has vast experience in financial infrastructure and technology (fintech).

More info: https://dk.linkedin.com/in/larsstagethomsen

18.15-18.30 - Omri Ross: Future Blockchain events in Copenhagen
- Inge Hviid Jensen: DIKU Business Club – what do we offer
- Fritz Henglein: Summing up on this event
18.30ff Food, drinks and mingling in the Southern end of HC Ørsteds Instituttet