The Workshop on Foundations of Genetic Algorithms (FOGA)

The 14th ACM/SIGEVO Workshop on Foundations of Genetic Algorithms (FOGA XIV) will take place on January 12-15 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

FOGA is the premier event on the theoretical foundations of evolutionary computation and invites submissions on all kinds of randomised search heuristics, including but not limited to evolutionary algorithms, ant colony optimisation, artificial immune systems, particle swarm optimisation, simulated annealing, Bayesian optimisation, and other Monte Carlo methods for search and optimisation.

The goal of FOGA is to advance the theoretical understanding of randomised search heuristics and to contribute to making randomised search heuristics more useful in practice. We particularly encourage submissions bridging theory and practice. In addition to rigorous mathematical investigations, experimental studies contributing towards the theoretical foundations of randomised search heuristics are also welcome.

Topics include but are not limited to runtime analysis; fitness landscapes and problem difficulty; single- and multi-objective optimisation problems; stochastic and dynamic environments; population dynamics; statistical approaches; self-adaptation; black-box complexity; working principles of all kinds of randomised search heuristics.