Blockchain Summer School 2018

This year's Blockchain Summer School is held at Copenhagen Business School on 13-17 August 2018. The Summer School is an initiative of the European Blockchain Center and is conducted for the third time by faculty members from Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen University, and the IT University. Visit the Blockchain Summer School 2018 event page to sign up and get more info.

3rd Nordic Blockchain Summit

The Summer School is concluded by the 3rd Nordic Blockchain Summit, where decision makers and business leaders from different backgrounds and industries come together to discuss opportunities and challenges that arise through Blockchain and attend the award ceremony when summer school participants demonstrate their cases.

Previous Blockchain Summer Schools

2016 – Blockchain Summer School – IT University of Copenhagen
2017 – Blockchain Summer School – Copenhagen University

Blockchain articles

Omri Ross, PhD and Assistant Professor in Blockchain Technology at DIKU, is one of the teachers and co-organisers of the Blockchain Summer School. Hear his expert answers to questions on Blockchain and crypto currencies posed by

In you can also read why billionaire George Soros is entering the cryptocurrency market