DIKU Bits: The Dark side of Global Agile


Pernille Bjørn, Professor in the HCC Section


Agile Manifesto for software development is about empowering people to make great IT in self-managing collocated teams. But what happens when agile methods are introduced into global outsourcing set-ups? In this talk, I will talk about my research on global software development, and in particular how global agile is experienced from Indian software developers’ perspective. I will talk about how working in global agile outsourcing setups risk creating stressful work environments with less flexibility and agency, which negatively impacting the work conditions as well as the personal lives of the IT developers and testers. Basically, all the negative aspects of human work situations, which agile methodologies were developed to reduce, were very much evident when agile went global.

The talk will be conducted in English

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