Talk by Ursula Plesner: Digital Organizing

About the book

In Digital Organizing, Ursula Plesner and Emil Husted explore digitalization from a truly organizational perspective. Challenging celebratory or technological determinist accounts of ‘the digital revolution’, the book discusses how digital technologies impact upon various aspects of organizations such as structure, production, collaboration, knowledge, communication, legitimacy, and power.


Ursula Plesner is Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School. Her research focuses on how digital technologies become intertwined with organizational phenomena and transform various aspects of work. For instance, she has studied how automation, new shared digital platforms, and various communication technologies afford new professional relations, new managerial work, and new power relations. In the coming years, she will lead a large collaborative research project together with Lise Justesen on the invisible work that follows from digitalizing organizations. Their cases are public sector organizations, which have ambitious digitalization agendas, and they hope to offer knowledge about how efficiency ambitions often clash with the emergence of new everyday work tasks in digitalized organizations.

The book presentation is free and open for everyone.

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