Webinar: Games and Animation Industry


How is it going in the game and animation industry? What is the state of the art? What are the challenges and opportunities of the new technologies and market possibilities? How can the game and animation industry benefit from collaborating with research? And what are the needs for new competencies?

Join this webinar that focuses on the game and animation industry

This webinar is the third in a series of six webinars from DIKU Business Club running the rest of 2020 focusing on themes within computer science that have an impact on the industry.

Who should participate?

The webinar is relevant for companies within the game and animation industry. 

































































  • Anders Pall Skött, DIKU Business Club
  • Jesper Krogh Kristiansen, VisionDenmark
  • Mathias Søndergaard, Co-founder and CPO, Rokoko
  • Thomas Howalt/DADIU/National Film School of Denmark


If you have questions regarding the webinar, please contact Head of DIKU Business & Innovation, Anders Pall Skött.

Watch the webinar

Did you miss this webinar? Watch it on YouTube here.