COPLAS: Rubio, Formal Methods in Zero-Knowledge Protocols: Challenges in the circom Programming Language

On 7 December, Albert RubioComplutense University of Madrid, Spain, will give a COPLAS talk about formal Methods in Zero-Knowledge Protocols. 

A combined COPLAS Talk and DS (Decentralized Systems) Talk. 


The most widely studied language in the context of Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proofs is arithmetic circuit satisfiability.  In this talk we present circom, a programming language and a compiler that allows the programmer to provide a low-level description of the arithmetic circuit together with an effective way to execute it.  We will introduce challenging safety properties to be checked in circom programs and show the need of improving existing techniques to analyse and simplify the nonlinear arithmetic constraints generated by the compiler.


Albert is professor at Complutense University of Madrid.  See for more information.


All are welcome. No registration required.  Feel free to forward this invitation.

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