DeLTA seminar by Yi-Shan Wu

On 11 October, the DeLTA Lab from the Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen, holds a seminar titled 'Chebyshev-Cantelli PAC-Bayes-Bennett Inequality for the Weighted Majority Vote' by Yi-Shan Wu.


Yi-Shan Wu, University of Copenhagen


Chebyshev-Cantelli PAC-Bayes-Bennett Inequality for the Weighted Majority Vote

AbstractPortrait of Yi-Shan Wu

We present a new second-order oracle bound for the expected risk of a weighted majority vote. The bound is based on a novel parametric form of the Chebyshev-Cantelli inequality (a.k.a. one-sided Chebyshev’s), which is amenable to efficient minimization. The new form resolves the optimization challenge faced by prior oracle bounds based on the Chebyshev-Cantelli inequality, the C-bounds [Germain et al., 2015], and, at the same time, it improves on the oracle bound based on second order Markov’s inequality introduced by Masegosa et al. [2020]. We also derive the PAC-Bayes-Bennett inequality, which we use for empirical estimation of tthe oracle bound. The PAC-Bayes-Bennett inequality improves on the PAC-Bayes-Bernstein inequality by Seldin et al. [2012]. We provide an empirical evaluation demonstrating that the new bounds can improve on the work by Masegosa et al. [2020]. Both the parametric form of the Chebyshev-Cantelli inequality and the PAC-Bayes-Bennett inequality may be of independent interest for the study of concentration of measure in other domains.

Joint work with Andrés R. Masegosa, Stephan S. Lorenzen, Christian Igel and Yevgeny Seldin (accepted to NeurIPS 2021)

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