DIREC Seminar 2021

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On 13-14 September 2021, DIREC is hosting a seminar 2021 at Hotel Nyborg Strand in Nyborg. Meet a range of DIKU professors such as Serge Belongie, Mads Nielsen, Rasmus Pagh, Pernille Bjørn, Thomas Hildebrandt and Stephen Alstrup.


The purpose is to give the participants in DIREC the opportunity to get to know each other, both professionally and personally / socially and thus create new networks across the universities and the Alexandra Institute.

We hope this will lead to the identification of new research issues, including grand challenges for digital technologies, collaboration across workstreams, and new projects with companies and the public sector.

Target group

Workstream managers, participants from other universities in DIREC workstreams, DIREC project participants including PhDs and postdocs, as well as others who are professionally interested in participating in a DIREC workstream.

Read more about the event on the event's main page by clicking here.