DIKU Alumni Event for PhD/Post doc

Three life stories from former DIKU PhD students reflecting on the question: What I would like to have known before moving into my career after DIKU?

Join us for an evening of networking and career development, and learn more about how to prepare for a career after DIKU. Hear the stories of three former PhD student who graduated with their PhDs from DIKU and moved into academia, industry, or start-up. This is an opportunity for all DIKU former and current PhD students and post docs to network.

Who: This event is targeted current and former PhDs, Post docs and their supervisors



Photograph of Eva Rotenberg

Eva is an Associate Professor at DTU COMPUTE Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science in Algorithms, Logic, and Graphs. Her research investigates works on algorithmic problems relating to graphs, strings, and geometry. Current research supported by Villum Foundation, Independent Research Fund, and Carlsberg Foundation that investigates Efficient Recomputation for Changeful Problems, Dynamic Network Analysis, and Graph Algorithms with Geometric Applications. One of the problems that fascinate her is efficiently maintaining information about a graph as it changes. Previously, she completed her PhD amd MsC at DIKU.

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Photograph og Joachim Bingel

Joachim graduated from DIKU in 2018 after working on his PhD at Anders Søgaard's NLP group. During his PhD, Joachim focused on adaptive and personalized methods to automatically rewrite text into simple language. Still, he got his hands dirty on a range of other subjects thanks to the collaborative spirit in his group. Before joining DIKU, Joachim studied Computational Linguistics in Heidelberg and Uppsala. After his PhD and a postdoc, Joachim co-founded Hero– a startup that delivers technology to challenged readers and language learners, enabling them to read texts above their usual reading level.

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Photograph of Esben Warming Petersen

Esben Warming Pedersen is a dedicated IT professional with a passion for creating compelling digital products that makes the complex feel simple. Currently, Esben is a Chief Product Owner with the Nordic bank Nordea. Here, he is responsible for product ownership of Nordea Corporate, which is Nordea Corporates single-touch-point platform for corporate customers.

Before joining Nordea, Esben worked as a Senior IT Consultant at Netcompany and designed and developed IT-projects for the Public Sector. In his time with Netcompany, Esben worked on assignments at the Danish Business Authority, the Danish Transport Authority and ATP. 

Esben holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Copenhagen where he has also worked as a post doc researcher. In his research, Esben focused on developing and studying novel technology that challenges the way we normally interact with computers. In his PhD thesis, he explored how tangible and touch interaction can be enhanced to allow for more expressive input. In his post doc research, he focused on shape-changing interfaces and deformable displays.

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