DIKU Bits: Web3 in everyone's life

Portrait of Omri Ross


Omri Ross, Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen's Department of Computer Science in the Programming Languages and Theory of Computing Section (PLTC).


Web3 in everyone's life


The inception of Bitcoin introduced the idea that money can be established by a decentralised system not controlled by anyone for the first time. With the introduction of Ethereum we have observed the growth of more complex setups where more complex social structure could be built as a code. Sometimes, these are seen as decentralized organizations where decisions can be taken by a semi transparent process as most of the discussion can be held within public discord. We are now observing the potential of changing the way organizations work and in particular many are curious about what it means for the relationships that can be built between organizations and users in the face of this new technology. Could social media be built in a more transparent and user centric manner? Could users truley control their data? These questions and observations presented are inspired by much of the research done in the financial transparency group and others in recent years.


Which courses do you teach?

Data Driven Financial Models (DatFin)

Subjects in Blockchain Technology (SBM)

Course for M.Sc, or mature B.Sc. students.

Which technology/research/projects/startup are you excited to see the evolution of? Future of decentralised organisations, especially within the financial sector, social media and music.