Center for Stochastic Geometry and Advanced Bioimaging

- a Villum Kann Rasmussen Centre of Excellence for Bioimaging

A DIKU/SCIENCE Talk by Eva Vedel, University of Aarhus, IMF 

The talk is open to all interested parties. It is particularly relevant to researchers and practitioners working with computer science, biology, bioimaging, statistics and mathematics.

After the talk a selection of refreshments will be served.


In 2010, the Villum Foundation donated 25 mill DKK to the new VKR Centre of Excellence, Centre for Stochastic Geometry and Advanced Bioimaging (CSGB), see

The main aim of CSGB is, through a concentrated interdisciplinary collaboration between four Danish research groups, to develop a new generation of methods of analyzing advanced bioimaging data. A particular focus is on analysis of molecular microscopy data. Stochastic geometry plays a very important role in the development of these methods of analysis.

In this lecture, I will describe the organization, collaborative projects and other centre activities of CSGB.

About the center 

CSGB is an inter-institutional collaboration between the universities of Aarhus, Aalborg and Copenhagen. Within CSGB, an interdisciplinary network of researchers with background in computer science, mathematics, statistics, biophysics and molecular biology has been formed with the aim of advancing methodologies needed to exploit the potential offered by novel microscopy and other bioimaging techniques.

Bio /CV

Professor Jensen (57) has a Master of Science degree (cand.scient.) and completed her doctorate (dr.scient.) in 1987 with a dissertation on stereology. She has worked at Aarhus University since 1979, first as an associate professor, later as a senior associate professor and research professor, and finally - since 2003 - as a professor at the Department of Mathematical Sciences. During the period 1998-2004, Professor Jensen was one of the key researchers at the MaPhySto Centre (Centre for Mathematical Physics and Stochastics), supported by the Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF). In 2002-2006, she was the coordinator of the Marie Curie Training Site for Advanced Medical Imaging and Spatial Statistics (MISS). She is Scientific Director of the T.N. Thiele Centre for Applied Mathematics in Natural Science. In 1999, she was awarded the Director Ib Henriksen's Foundation Research Prize.

I 2009 she was awarded the prestigeous "Villum Kann Rasmussens Årslegat til Teknisk og Naturvidenskabelig Forskning" of DKK 2.500.000.