Capital Markets IT

“We take responsibility for delivering and maintaining the IT solutions which enable our business units to deliver superior services to our end customers while adhering to regulatory compliance and catering for availability, resiliency, performance, and usability.

Our vision is to be The Best Capital Markets Technology Group in Europe”.
Peter Lunding, CIO Capital Markets IT

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We are approximately 380 developers, business analysts, architects, project managers, and other technologists working all over the world. Together we form an exceptional team where everyone is allowed to excel and fully exploit their potential.

We support the Capital Markets operation, which offers a very wide range of advanced financial offerings.  This calls for IT solutions that are of the highest quality and resilience, low latency, can handle vast amounts of data, and adaptable to the very dynamic market conditions and opportunities.

Start your career in Capital Markets IT

The banking industry is in the midst of an unprecedented change, and banks are to a large extent relying on technology to be the differentiator between success and failure. Nordea’s Capital Markets business units rely on Capital Markets IT to provide technology that will allow the bank to stand strong and excel in this environment.

We always make an effort to be innovative, learn new things, share ideas, and broaden our horizons. For this, we constantly need new ideas and contribution from people interested in technological areas such as;

  • Low latency
  • High-frequency trading
  • 24x7 system operations
  • Agile mind-set
  • Complex business automation
  • Business intelligence


Since we work side by side with the end-user (our business partners), things move very fast and we need people who are able to adapt to changing requirements without losing track of delivering the extraordinary quality we are known for. We, therefore, need people with exceptional skills within the fields of development, analysis work, and project management.


Within the field of development, you will need to be a creative problem solver and have the overview needed to design flexible and reliable IT solutions for the long term. You will be responsible for design, development, error fixing, and test of components and programs being implemented according to the standards adopted by Nordea.

Project Management

Since a lot of our daily work is centred on projects, strong project management skills are an advantage. Within this field, you will be responsible for fulfilling the business strategy within the scope outlined by the relevant business executive. You need to be an excellent communicator both towards the Steering Group and towards the project team. Part of project management is also to create a project plan, get commitment for it, and deliver by it.


Working with analysis will mean that you drive the requirements process in IT. This involves capturing and documenting requirements and converting these into the foundation for IT design and development. The tasks cover the three competence areas: Requirements management, User Interaction design, and Logical data modeling.