15. maj 2017

3Shape: Putting my Computer Science expertise to work and seeing the results


Kasper Hornbak Steenstrup is a Software Developer for 3Shape. He specializes in 3D-Print and milling machine integration. What Kasper loves most about his job is using his computer science background to the fullest and seeing the results.


Try to learn as much as possible from your first three years of study. You will be using a lot of it, no matter where you sit and code. Specialize in something that you like to do for your Masters. Find a place to work where you can use your specialization. Find a place where you think it would be most fun to work. Remember, no matter where you work in Denmark, the money will be good enough for you to live a good life.”

3D printing is exploding in the healthcare sector. And 3Shape is at the forefront. 3Shape CAD/CAM solutions are driving mainstream dentistry adoption of 3D printing for everything from your parents’ dentures to your little sister’s braces.

Kasper uses his expertise to make sure that the aligners your orthodontist CAD/CAM-designs, print exactly as intended, on any printer and to the micron.

The most rewarding about working in a super-fast-paced industry like CAD/CAM and 3D printing is that I see my results in the market within months - used on real people, says Kasper and continues:

- It’s just so cool to see a doctor using the coding that I developed making someone’s life better. The projects we work on today might seem like the distant future but they’re not. Our technology is improving treatment around the world right now.

As an alumnus of DIKU, Kasper says it’s hard to imagine that he gets to use at least half of the knowledge he gained in class almost every day. Working with network protocols, remote control, thread handling, UI, geometric algorithms, and much more, Kasper recently spearheaded the 3Shape integration with the Straumann milling machines – a key business partner for 3Shape and game-changer for the dental industry.

Kasper joined 3Shape as a software developer just six months ago. He has a Master in Computer Science from DIKU where he worked primarily with the Image Section. He has a PhD in Computer Science and Math from the Technical University of Copenhagen specializing in algorithms for Geometry.

What I do

- I am part of the CAMbridge team at 3Shape. I get to work with a lot of different aspects in Computer Science: Advance geometry algorithms, Graphics, Network protocols, Databases, UI, Functional programming, Object oriented programming and much more, says Kasper.

What I like

- I like the good coffee. I like working with clever people. I’m motivated by knowing that my company is considered the best in the business. I enjoy lots of diversity in my work assignments. And finally, but not least, 3Shape is in the middle of Copenhagen. I get to do what I love (coding), in a great place! And by the way… the average age at 3Shape is also very young. It makes for a vibrant environment, says Kasper.

What we need - student assistants and full time jobs

3Shape is presently hiring full-time software developers for both Kasper's colleague’s and his team. There are many opportunities for growth and development at 3Shape as well as student assistant jobs available.